Thursday, October 14, 2010 review

I recently bought a Sony TX5 camera. But before that decision was made I was looking around where to get the best deal. The first common option that everyone knows is to go to SM :-) and buy it from let us say Electroworld. BTW, when I asked them last week how much would it cost, they told me its around Php24,000.00 excluding memory, casing, and screen protector. Wahhh. Cant afford to spend that much now that I have a family :-)

One of my office mate suggested buying it online or from a reputable site. So i did look around. The big problem of buying it from an individual especially if they dont have a shop, is the worry that everything is a hoax.

Luckily I found KimStore ( who sells camera, cellphones and other gadgets. I looked around and they do have a good reputation and their business was actually shown in a reputable magazine.

The price?? I got the Sony TX5 for Php13,000.00 + 800.00 for memory, case, and protector.

Cost if bought from Electroworld = 25K

Savings :-) Around 11k

Well, its worth it, considering the savings i got :-)


Tel: (02) 904-2966


Anonymous said...

bought my lumix underwater cam from kimstore last year, and i got almost the same deal and savings!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that way too cheap? It makes me think it's smuggled :(

Anonymous said...

That makes me worry about the warranty too :(