Monday, May 18, 2009

Villa Escudero Wedding - Oliver and Princess

This is the Draft On-Site Video of our wedding last May 8, 2009 at Villa Escudero, courtesy of ExtremeDetails Photography. The final video will be released later. I will be posting it including the pictures after my wife and I selects around 300 from almost a thousand pics :-). ExtremeDetails will be postprocessing these pics to highlight the details... I will keep everyone updated :-)

Btw, a lot of people are asking about the details of the wedding arrangements, i.e. who are the photographers, the band, who created the invitation, etc. Please visit our wedding site at


Edu Cortez said...

hi Oliver and Princess! I saw your shirt printed with our prenup shoot! Thanks for your support guys! we really appreciate your trust in our team (Edgar+ Mherl and Victor)Extremedetails photography.Godbless!

Oliver Martinez said...

You're welcome Sir Edu :-) We just want everyone to experience or know the difference between extremedetails and other photo/video coverage team. :-)

Anonymous said...

This video is great!