Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Drivers for HP Compaq 767TU Notebook - Which OS to use..., XP or Vista?

I noticed that most of the site visitors are looking for Compaq 767TU Drivers. If i'm not mistaken, they are looking for XP Drivers. I intended not to include the XP drivers as I've once use XP in this laptop. Yes XP drivers (definitely not from Compaq) will in some way works. But in order to maximize your machine, it is recommended to use softwares in which it is built for. Yah, I know, everyone says Vista is a crap. But remember, "No software is 100% complete, at max they can be 99% but will diminish over time. I'm currently using Vista, and it works fine.

Or maybe, you are just afraid to use something new, that you are not familiar, right? Well, you cannot be familiar with it unless you use it.

In addition, I heard that MS is not supporting XP anymore.., as decommissioned. A new OS is being developed already, which will be the successor of Vista. So, its as if XP is the old Windows 2000, or whatever old OS model, and Vista is XP, got it?

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